Help with Searching

Below are some frequently asked questions about searching. If you have questions not answered here, please email Lisa at HelpPRO and we will respond promptly.


1. Where do you get this information about the providers?

Most of the information in the Finder comes from the providers themselves. Using our online listing tool, individual clinicians provide contact and office information about their practice, while organization or private practice groups provide information about their services. Each clinician rates her/his level of expertise in area of concern or problem (i.e., specialties), approaches, age groups and specific populations served. Also each clinician lists credentials, license information, fees, and payment options such as Medicaid, Medicare and health insurance plans.

2. How do I know how current the information is?

At the top of each listing, you will find the “date last modified”. This “freshness date” shows you when the listing was last updated or changed. In general, the most current listing information will be more reliable in terms of contact information. However, older listings will still match your criteria.

3. What should I do if I get too many in my search results?

We recommend that you modify your search by decreasing the geographic area (miles from) and/or by adding more criteria. There are thousands of providers in HelpPRO and searching by location only may yield huge numbers. The more items you can select, the more likely you are to find providers that best match your needs.

4. Why am I getting a zero in the search results?

There are three possibilities:
(1) Your search criteria may be too narrow. You can try expanding the geographic area by increasing the “miles from zip code” or try eliminating or changing a search criteria, such as an insurance option. (2) You may have inadvertently left in an item from a previous search. Make sure to clear all items from the previous search before searching again. (3) There are no providers who match your criteria in that geographic area.

5. If I’m looking for someone with expertise in depression and anxiety, why can’t I select more than one item from a list?

Using multiple-selection lists can cause confusion. Single-selection lists assure that your search results will accurately match the specialty area you have chosen. However, it is easy find providers who have expertise in more than one area. For example, to find a clinician who specializes in both depression and anxiety, first do a search for the most important one, and then click on the individual's name to determine if she or he has expertise in the other area. You can also search for each separately and compare the two results lists.

6. Any suggestions on how to navigate the long drop-down lists of search items?

To speed up the selection of an item, click inside the drop-down box with your mouse and type the first letter of the item you are looking for. Also you can click inside the box and then use your up and down arrow keys to select an item.

7. How do I print out the search results report and provider record?

Both the Search Results and the Provider's Listing can be printed out for your reference. Just click anywhere on the page with your mouse and then select “Print” from your browser.