HelpPRO® Terms of Service

I agree that my use of the HelpPRO website indicates that I have read this agreement, I understand it, and I intend to abide by all of its terms.


I understand that the information I gather on the HelpPRO website does not constitute referrals or endorsements to any therapist or mental health service listed on the website. I further understand that HelpPRO strongly recommends that I consult several independent resources before choosing a therapist or mental health resource.

I understand that HelpPRO does not offer crisis intervention or emergency services. In an emergency situation, I should dial 911, or go to my nearest emergency room.

While HelpPRO makes every effort to update information on its website frequently, I understand HelpPRO cannot not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, comprehensiveness or timeliness of any information listed on its website.

I agree that the information I gather from the HelpPRO website is for personal use only and will not be used for commercial, or any other purpose.


I understand that neither HelpPRO nor any organization or entity (including, without limitation, their employees, officers, directors and contractors) that referred or recommended HelpPRO to me (hereafter collectively referred to only for purposes of this Section II of these Terms of Service, as “HelpPRO”), recommend or endorse any mental health provider (PROVIDER) listed on its website.

I understand that HelpPRO cannot vouch for the safety or efficacy of any treatment offered by a PROVIDER on this website.

I understand that the information on this website is supplied solely by the PROVIDERS, or by their affiliated organizations. I further understand that HelpPRO does not conduct any independent reviews to verify degrees or other professional qualifications that have been submitted to this website by the PROVIDERS or their affiliated organizations.

HelpPRO recommends obtaining other references from authoritative independent resources, regarding any PROVIDER’S credentials and professional reputation, before engaging the PROVIDER’S services. I understand that one should not rely solely on this or any other database when seeking mental health services.

I agree that HelpPRO is not liable for any misrepresentations or inaccuracies that may exist regarding information submitted by a PROVIDER or their affiliated organizations.

I agree that HelpPRO is not liable for any defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct which may emanate from my contact with any PROVIDER listed on its website.

I agree that I will not hold HelpPRO liable for any injury I may suffer as the result of my contact with a PROVIDER who is listed on the website.


I understand that the contents of the HelpPRO website are owned by its parent company, HelpNet, Inc., located at 3 Wallis Ct., Ste. 7, Lexington, MA 02421.

I agree that I will be solely liable for any ownership, copyright or property rights that I may violate in connection with my illegal use or reproduction of the contents of this website.

I understand that all terms and conditions of use of this website are subject to change by HelpPRO without notice to me.