How to Find a Therapist Without Losing Your Mind (Hint: Use HelpPRO)

by Ashley Womble Saturday, January 30, 2016

As a Millennial, it's hard to imagine HelpPRO once existed in paper form, like a giant catalog. Even though I’ve been working in mental health for a few years, the prospect of finding a new therapist overwhelms me.  It seems natural to begin to search for a therapist online, but basic internet searches lacks the authority you need when you are looking for someone to share your deepest thoughts and feelings with.


In effort to make the process easier, I wrote an article “How to Find a Therapist Without Losing Your Mind" for a new website, is the daily source for smart, original content that informs, inspires and entertains the 21st century woman.


HelpPRO’s William Blout gave me some great tips like avoiding e-mailing therapists since it’s easy to misinterpret tone in an e-mail. Bill also emphasized the importance of finding a mental health pro that you can trust. As Bill said, “If you don’t trust the person therapy isn’t going to work. ”You can read more of Bill’s great advice in the article and check out my work on


Ashley Womble is a writer and champion for mental health. She is the founder of Psyched, a website dedicated to changing the way people think about mental health, and the Communications Director at Fountain House. Connect with Ashley via LinkedIn or Twitter


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