Heros and the Heat of the Game

by Rosemary De Faria Wednesday, July 17, 2013

There has been a lot of buzz with the play-offs lately.  One has to live under a rock to avoid being affected by it in one form or another.

Not being a sports fan I decided to take a walk on the wild side by accepting an invitation to dinner at a local bar where the final game would be played on every screen in the place.

My immersion experience began with the driver of the shuttle who took us to the bar.  He recounted the story of the previous evening’s game, sharing with emotion how he had been close to tears when it looked like his beloved team may lose.     His voice, hoarse from all the screaming, now had a lilt in it as he spoke of the team’s dramatic win.  They had managed to turn things around and to listen to him; it had been close to a spiritual experience.

In the restaurant people were already seated in the front row.   Dressed in their Heat attire, they were screaming and throwing their hands up to clap for a play which brought the team a little closer to winning.   

I began thinking of the role these sportsmen played for people, young and old from all walks of life and I found myself wondering : “Who do we make our heroes and why? “

When I think of my heroes, the people that come to mind are rarely those with celebrity.  Oh, I admit, Oprah holds a special place for me as I’m sure she does for many, but I think instead, of Sister Mendonca my fifth grade teacher who had the kindest, most loving heart.   She made some difficult times a bit easier to bear and I have never forgotten her for it.  

Now in middle age, I think of my father as another hero.  This surprises me at first, but it is a good choice nonetheless.   He was a tough, scary man, but he modeled some of the most important principles in life for which I am very grateful.  The best parts of me are all as a result of having him as my father. 

I sometimes sit across from my clients and wonder, am I a hero for them?    If so, I hope I can be like my heroes, who in very humble and unassuming ways gave me so much. 

Take the time to seek out your heroes.   They often go unnoticed, flying under the radar with little or no awareness of their own magnificence, but they are heroes nonetheless.

Let them know how they have impacted you.  Then, think about how you can be a hero for someone else and do it.  You may just change a life in unexpected ways.   Unleash the hero within you.  I promise you it’s there …ready and waiting to get into the heat of the game.

Rosemary De Faria, LCSW has a psycho-spiritual psychotherapy practice in Miami, Florida.  With over 20 years experience she uses both traditional and alternative therapies in working with her clients.  To read more about Rosemary or to read more of her articles, please visit www.distincttherapy.com. Mention this blog article for a complementary phone consultation: 954-966-3446.

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