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by William L. Blout LICSW Friday, August 14, 2015

"Caring" in the Therapeutic Relationship.

"This is simple." Caring is at the core of what HelpPRO does. It is who HelpPRO is.  We all care. 

But, as and for therapists, caring can be quite complicated. Sometimes we go too far in caring for our clients. Limiting how much time and energy we devote to clients is more challenging the more we care.

A big part of "caring" is setting limits, defining boundaries, expecting change (or effort at change) and sometimes confronting clients.

Not so simple. 

Therapists need to establish a strong, compassionate and trusting relationship, so, when we say "no", challenge or confront, our clients have no doubt it comes out of real caring.  

Bill Blout founded HelpPRO over 20 years ago to help people find help. Bill and HelpPRO continue to be passionate and dedicated to this mission to help people. Please Email Bill your comments. 


A Dream Come True

by William L. Blout LICSW Monday, September 9, 2013

We founded HelpPRO on a simple dream: “Everyone should be able to find needed mental health services quickly and easily.” We believed that a dedicated group of people and technology offered the possibility that this dream could become a reality.

In1998, a few years into the development of HelpPRO, I found out about the tragic suicide of the publisher of a local newspaper.

Suffering from severe depression, Timothy Hogan tried in vain to find a therapist who could help. He called a Massachusetts professional association referral line, his insurance company and a local hospital but instead of help, he encountered frustration.

In the end, Mr. Hogan wrote in his suicide note: “My only hope is that my death will awaken the healthcare community and lives will be saved.”

Thanks to 500 HelpPRO therapists who already joined, on September 10th, Suicide Prevention Day, we will launch the first Suicide Prevention Therapist Finder.

And the staff in 160 crisis centers nationwide will use this finder as a resource for people calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Mr. Hogan, we heard you.  

In 1995 Bill founded HelpNet, Inc. and developed HelpPRO Therapist Finder at Bill is an active advocate for mental health services in his community in Lexington, MA. Bill served as chair of the Lexington Human Services Committee and was a founding member of the Lexington Youth Services Council. Bill is a founder, past president, and clinical consultant with Lexington Youth and Family Services (LYFS), a walk-in adolescent crisis counseling service that began in 2011. From 1978-1994 Bill was the Director of RePlace, Inc., a community-based,  adolescent and family counseling center in Lexington. Bill also maintains a part-time mediation and clinical practice.


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