Animal Instinct

by Julie Davis Friday, July 25, 2014

When a monkey sees another monkey messing with his monkey he gets angry, rushes forward, bites the other monkey and makes him stop.  Two seconds later, monkey is eating a banana.  When Luis Suarez saw some guy messing with his soccer ball (Uruguay vs. Italy – World Cup June 24th), his mind activated the same primitive system to make the guy stop messing with his soccer ball:  Anger.  Blood rushed upward into Suarez’s hands, feet and jaw setting him up to fight – which is what anger is designed to do - and he bit Giorgio Chiellini.  Two seconds later he’s calm and repositioned for play.  


Two hours later video of the bite is all over the internet.  Protests are launched as players and fans alike express outrage at the aggressive behavior and Suarez is banned from future tournaments. We expect aggression in sports, yet are shocked when we see the results of the primitive mind doing its job to remove a threat.  What makes Suarez an expert soccer player is the very thing that got him kicked out of soccer: his ability to access and operate out of primitive mind – and, sometimes, oops, bite people.


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