Are You Serious! I can be normal? GO GREEN!

by Cheryl Johnson Wednesday, February 19, 2014

HelpPRO brings you this Jan/Feb series of practical tips and suggestions from Cheryl Johnson, certified WRAP and NAMI instructor, to help people with mental health issues and all of us for that matter, cope with and rise above challenges. Cheryl offers lifestyle choices we control that really make a difference.

Last week Cheryl suggested a smile to boost your mood.  This week …….. GO GREEN!

Studies show living close to green areas like parks and gardens is good for your mental health. Just having a green plant in your house or workplace can reduce stress.  Those with ADHD who get outside to exercise or work concentrate and focus better.

Going green may improve your mental health in ways that have long lasting effects on your life.  Simply surrounding yourself with green can reduce anxiety and stress, lessen depression and lead to more happiness overall.

Go green! Be happy! Feel Good! 

Cheryl Johnson is a certified NAMI and WRAP instructor and regularly teaches courses that provide families and individuals who face mental health challenges information to help them lead full and satisfying lives. To get more information on Cheryl’s work or programs you can be in touch with Cheryl at



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