Update the Messenger

by Julie Davis Friday, August 15, 2014


On a cloudless day some guy drives by your house and yells, “Hurry!  Get out!  A hurricane is coming!”  You yell back, “Hey, guy, it’s clear; go home – you are confused,” and he drives away.


While shopping at the supermarket some lady whispers in your ear, “Be careful; the watermelons are full of dragons!” You whisper back, “Lady, there are no dragons.”  “Oh,” she says, and quietly walks away.


I call this “Updating the Messenger.”  


When your mind whispers or shouts, “Danger!  Be careful!  Oh no!” when there is no real, present, life-threatening event in front or behind you, it is confused.  If you believe a confused message from the mind, you will be anxious, fearful, angry, exhausted, and sick – spending your day/life fighting and running from dragons and hurricanes that don’t exist.


The mind is a messenger: it’s designed to update you with data to keep you safe.  But when the messenger is confused – giving you outdated (past) or possible but not present (future) life-threatening scenarios, quietly update it – Thank you, but nothing needs to be done by me right now – and it will be on its way.  


Julie Davis uncovers and clears up deeply embedded beliefs and unresolved emotions that keep people stuck (www.rapidresolutiontherapy.com).  She also coaches people how to stay clear, calm and strategic in everyday life with healthy ways of thinking, feeling and behaving (www.juliedavismft.com).  Get free weekly insight and guidance by joining Julie’s Tuesday Email service.  Send “subscribe” in subject line to: julie@juliedavismft.com.  Julie is a Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (North Carolina, California; New York – pending), Board Certified Hypnotherapist, and New Life Network Christian Counselor (www.newlife.com).  704-807-1101.



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