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Why this Offer?

Funded by a CHART II grant, HelpPRO is working with the Regional Behavioral Health Collaborative (RBHC) to develop a comprehensive online listing of mental health and human service resources. (Beta Preview) Your listing is free. A value of several hundred dollars.

The only requirement is that you review and update your listing quarterly. Updating is easy and usually takes just a few minutes.

More About the RBHC and the grant

Athol, HealthAlliance, and Heywood Hospitals, in collaboration with mental health, behavioral health, substance and alcohol treatment providers, and social service agencies throughout North Central Massachusetts and the North Quabbin Area have joined together in a Regional Behavioral Health Collaborative to address the serious issues concerning our mental health.

Among other important tasks, The North Central Massachusetts & North Quabbin Area Behavioral Health Collaborative is launching an online resource services guide that includes a comprehensive listing of social service, psychological, behavioral and primary health service providers in our region. This online resource guide, developed by HELPPRO, is the exclusive tool that will be used by the three primary care hospitals in the region, and countless other providers of primary care, behavioral and mental health care, and social services in the North Central Massachusetts and North Quabbin Regions to identify and access wrap around services for their clients.

The Professional Finder

HelpPRO is the most comprehensive online, user-friendly search engine available with detailed service and practice information. We are called the "Professional Finder" because so many professionals use HelpPRO to make referrals to mental health and community resources.

Our support staff is responsive and courteous.

We are a small, personal company. When you email or call, you’ll talk to a real person. We are available by email or by phone at 781-862-5215 to answer any questions.

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