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The North Central Massachusetts Community Resources Finder

Background Information - August 2016

Athol, HealthAlliance, and Heywood Hospitals, in collaboration with mental health, behavioral health, substance and alcohol treatment providers, and social service agencies throughout North Central Massachusetts and the North Quabbin Area have joined together in a Regional Behavioral Health Collaborative (RBHC) to address the serious issues concerning our mental health and access to services.

The North Central Massachusetts & North Quabbin Area Behavioral Health Collaborative has launched this online Community Resources Finder (CRF) to include comprehensive listings of social service, psychological, behavioral and primary health service providers in the North Central Massachusetts region. This online resources guide, developed by HelpPRO, is the exclusive tool that will be used by the three primary care hospitals in the region, and countless other providers of primary care, behavioral and mental health care, and social services in the North Central Massachusetts and North Quabbin Regions to identify and access wrap around services for their clients.

About the Community Resources Finder (CRF)

The Community Resources Finder (CRF) offers immediate access to comprehensive information about community services and matches the needs of the user to providers offering those specific services. Some features of the CRF include:

  • Searches have user friendly search form with drop-down items
  • Basic Search offers eight search categories, the Advanced Search has 17 and the Name Search allows you to find providers by name
  • Results page is ordered by best match, location then most recently updated
  • The Searches have weighted fields for critical criteria such as problem, population and age group served.
  • Results page show city/state, phone, percentage match, and distance from location selected.
  • Print or view a PDF report of results page including search criteria selected (see button at bottom of results page)
  • View the full details of each provider's listing (printable) by clicking on that listing in results page
  • Update date (freshness) on the top of every listing

About the Basic Search

The Basic Search is divided into three sections or tabs: (1) Mental Health Providers, (2) Community and Health Services, and (3) Therapy/Support Groups. Each section has several key fields or categories that contain drop-down selection lists of criteria for selection of providers.

You can start your search for mental health providers, community services or groups selecting a location by city and state or zip code. If you find too many, narrow your serach by deceasing the "miles from" a location or adding criteria such as problem, age group, special population served. Although the CRF Basis Search allows you to select several more criteria such as accesibilty, type of services, payment options (including MassHealth, Medicare or private insurance) and languages spoken, the Advanced Search contains even more criteria and search categories.

Some features of the Basic Search

When you generate your list of matching services or providers, here are a few things to note:
(1) The list is ordered with the best match to all criteria selected at the top.
(2) After "best match" the list is ordered by distance from the location selected (closest first) and then by most recently updated. Note: This means that providers on top are best match but not necessarily the closest.
(3) Click on a listing to view full information about that provider. Listings usually contain extensive information about office hours, accesibility, qualifications, years of experience and even how quickly the provider will resond to a call.
(4) Each listing contains a contact form that allows you to email that provider to request a consultation or ask a question. Many providers also offer office phone numbers for contact.