About HelpPRO

Many therapy finders focus mainly on recruiting therapists and other professionals to list with them. At HelpPRO, our mission truly is to make the best matches between clients and therapists, to the benefit of all. That’s why we collaborate with a number of human services organizations to offer different versions of the HelpPRO finder geared to their specific audiences. And that's why we offer providers the lowest price of any therapy finder.

The Mission

HelpPRO® (HelpNet, Inc.) was founded in 1995 to improve the public's access to the services of mental health clinicians and organizations. (Click here to view our brochure).

Our vision is that every person in America can readily find mental health services to meet their needs. In 1998 the tragic suicide of a local publisher became our raison d'etre.

The Service

At the heart of HelpPRO® is our Therapist Finder. It carefully identifies users’ needs and interests and matches these with our therapists’ capabilities. Our matching process increases the likelihood that users and therapists will make positive, lasting connections from their very first meeting.

Our database contains detailed information on thousands of mental health professionals, their services and their organizations across the Country.

For therapists the process of listing their practices is easy and intuitive. Each listing showcases the types of services they offer, their particular areas of expertise, accessibility, insurance accepted and much more. Using simple drop-down menus, therapists may select from over 850 practice-related, descriptive terms to paint a comprehensive picture of their practice. This greater transparency helps reduce client anxiety and facilitates more meaningful initial and longer term communication.

HelpPRO Users

1. Individuals Seeking Services

From anywhere in the country, people in need of services quickly find the exact resources they need in their own communities. Stress and anxiety are reduced, as the user locates the therapist whose office has wheel-chair access, can make home visits, speaks Chinese, or who has experience working with the survivors of incest.

2. Professionals in Health and Human Service Organizations, Schools, Business and Governments Finding Services for their Patients, Clients, Students and Constituents

HelpPRO is used by businesses, employee assistance programs, healthcare companies, public agencies, hospitals, schools, universities, attorneys and physicians to provide efficient and confidential support for their clientele. Whether it's a school counselor finding a therapist for a teen with an eating disorder, a hospital social worker finding a group for children with cancer, or a police officer finding a shelter for a woman suffering from domestic violence, HelpPRO is a powerful resource.

Our Invitation to Mental Health Professionals to List with Us

We aspire to be the major national searchable database that consumers use to find the mental health services they need. To achieve this end, we have created a robust and secure data infrastructure that is also easily accessed by both those searching for care as well as the professionals listing their services. We have made every effort to operate simply and intelligently, to control costs, and to offer competitive pricing, subsidized wherever possible by like-minded organizations and partners. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with responsive, courteous service and believe that establishing a solid reputation for quality service will bring long-term success.

We invite you to list your practice at HelpPRO. The listing process is simple. You go online to our site to register using your email address and a security password of your choosing. We encourage you to write down and store this information somewhere secure for future reference.

HelpPRO then steps you through a series of screens which contain pull down menus and easy to fill in information blocks. The basic listing allows you to convey what you offer to potential clients. Should you wish to portray your practice in a more personalized format, we offer an “enhanced listing page” which can be added for an additional fee. Send email to Lisa@helppro.com or call 1-800-652-0155 to request more information about obtaining an enhanced listing page.

Company Information and Business Model

HelpNet is a Massachusetts type C corporation. Revenues are generated through contracts with mental health organizations and provider fees.

In 2005, HelpPRO partnered with the National Association of Social Workers, to develop and operate The National Social Worker Finder located at www.HelpStartsHere.org. The National Social Worker Finder is now the premier resource for referral information about licensed social workers nation-wide.

HelpNet seeks to develop additional collaborative relationships with other professional associations, in order to broaden the reach of mental health services in all recognized disciplines. We can do this because of our unique ability to adapt our database and search capabilities to any sector of the mental health field that could benefit from a centralized, quick and efficiently designed, database of their members. Once in place, this type of well designed database leads to better and more appropriate outside referrals, as well as improved colleague-to-colleague internal referrals.

Confidentiality, Privacy and Advertising Policy

HelpPRO is dedicated to protecting the confidentiality and the security of data entrusted to us. We hold ourselves to high professional standards regarding an individual's right to privacy. See our User Agreement and Provider Agreement for more information.

Our Website does not host any form of advertisement.

The HelpPRO Team

William L. Blout - President

Before founding HelpPRO in 1995, Mr. Blout worked for over 20 years in mental health administration and clinical practice. His strengths are his passion, vision, and ability to "bring the right people together to do the job."

Mr. Blout received his initial clinical training at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts. During the early 1970's he worked in a Watertown community mental health program with high-risk groups of teens to develop youth programs. He also worked in community development with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Departments of Mental Health and Public Health. He began clinical social work career as a social worker in the Arlington schools and for the next 16 years, served as the Executive Director of RePlace, Inc., an adolescent and family counseling center in Lexington. The centerpiece service of RePlace was an information and referral hotline for teens and families. It was his frustration of trying to find resources using inadequate filing systems and outdated directories that led to his vision for, and founding of, HelpPRO.

In 2004 Mr. Blout launched Lexington Mediation Associates, a family and divorce mediation practice. Currently he is very involved in community work on the Board of Lexington Youth for Strength (LYFS) and continues a limited private practice.

Lisa M. Guglietta – Director of Customer Service

Lisa has been employed in human services for over 20 years, including almost 10 years as a member of the HelpPRO team. Her experience includes work with a variety of client populations, such as adults living with chronic mental illness, brain injury and developmental delays. In addition, Lisa has managed the Information & Referral department for a senior services agency, connecting seniors, those with disabilities, and their caregivers with local resources and home services.

Lisa enjoys providing outstanding service to HelpPRO’s customers: people seeking help and the mental health professionals who provide that help. As mother to two young boys on the autism spectrum, she never underestimates the importance of the right connection.

She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and a Certificate in Business Studies from Providence College, and her Master of Arts in counseling from Framingham State University. Some of her favorite things to do include having fun with her family, sports (both watching and playing), walking her dog, Buddy, reading and working a crossword puzzle.

Susan S. Boucher - Marketing Consultant

Susan has 30 years of experience at large corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and agencies. She has worked as marketing director for solar company New England Clean Energy, vice president of corporate communications for National Grid — one of the ten largest utilities in the country and a Fortune 500 company, and group affairs director overseeing communications, government affairs and environmental affairs for National Grid Group in London. Sue has also run communications departments for nonprofit organizations Veterans, Inc., the USS Constitution Museum and the Franklin Park Zoo.

Sue has a bachelor’s degree in English from Cornell University. She lives in Berlin with her boyfriend, two girls and their dog and cat.

Technical Development by Five Pines Consulting

Five Pines Consulting is a computer software consulting firm based in Newton, MA. The company focuses on development of web based applications for clients in various industries.

Contact Information

HelpPRO stands behind Women's Hockey

HelpPRO stands behind Women's Hockey

Telephone: 781-862-5215

Support Line: 800-652-0155

Fax: 781-862-5123


Support: Lisa Guglietta

Marketing: Susan Boucher

President: Bill Blout

If you are interested in more information about us, please contact Bill Blout at bblout@helppro.com.