Why a Premium Listing?

New to HelpPRO or just want to upgrade...

Leigh Benowitz tells you...

  • Users love the first glimpse into who you are to begin connecting with you right away.
  • Better visibility through Google and get twice the number of hits from prospective clients.
  • It's really a no brainer. For just $150/year total ($100/year if you are a member of a partner organization.

...and here's what Bill's looks like:

Bill Blout Premium Listing

What's included?

  • Your photo
  • Your personal practice statement
  • A link to your website
  • A link to your other professional pages such as LinkedIn or Facebook
  • A link to your professional video about your practice
  • Client access to secure video counseling right from your listing
Click here to see Bill's full Premium Listing with links to his practice video,LinkedIn, Facebook, and Website.

Questions? Email Lisa or call 800-652-0155.