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Helping People who are Suicidal

Free 12-Month Premium Listing for therapists who are NEW to HelpPRO, work with suicidal clients, and want to list in the Suicide Prevention Therapist Finder (SPTF). No credit card is required.

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Suicide Prevention Therapist Finder (SPTF) Discount Pricing

After one year, we may continue your free listing, or, even if we don't, you may choose to continue your Premium Listing at the SPTF discounted rate of $100 for individuals ($175 for organizations) for the next year. You decide. Nothing happens automatically.

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Near the end of the year you may get an email asking if you want to renew. As a therapist or organization listed in the Suicide Prevention Therapist Finder (SPTF), you will receive the special annual discounted rate of $100 ($175 for organizations).

Why this offer?

HelpPRO is collaborating with several organizations to increase resources to individuals and families looking for mental health services for people who are suicidal or bereaving a suicide. HelpPRO is committed to helping people find the best therapists to meet their needs. A growing number of people are searching HelpPRO for therapists and organizations with expertise in depression and suicide.

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