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April 16, 2020:
Behind the Scenes Launches Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder. See Press Release

The Behind the Scenes Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative, in partnership with HelpPRO, announces the launch of the Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder. The Finder only includes listings for mental health professionals who have previously worked with clients in the entertainment industry or who have personal professional experience in the industry themselves.


March 25, 2020:
HelpPRO Uses Telehealth during COVID-19 Crisis. See Press Release
In response to the COVID-19 Crisis, HelpPRO is helping mental health counselors use secure video to access new clients and maintain ongoing therapy sessions with their clients.

During the COVID-19 Crisis, licensed therapists, who are new to HelpPRO, may receive a Premium Listing for one year.

  • Click on the "Free Listing" button to go to the COVID19 page for your free Premium Listing.